Darkroom Core Edition

Darkroom Core Edition

Model: Darkroom Core Edition
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Core Edition is ideal for Emerging Professionals, Event, and Youth Sports photographers that are seeking an end-to-end photography business solution that includes:

  • Create limitless print and digital packages
  • Create print and digital proof products
  • Prints to any printer that works with Windows
  • Process greenscreen /chroma key photos as fast as you can shoot
  • Do advanced editing and retouching (clone, burn, dodge, colorize and all other standard photo-editing tools without opening or owning other software)
  • Use quick plug-in to PhotoShop
  • Direct capture from the industry’s leading digital cameras via cable tether or wirelessly
  • Ability to make new graphic templates and alter built-in and downloadable product templates
  • Windows 10, 8, 7

This software includes a USB dongle.

NEW in Version 9.2

Some of the New Features in version 9.2 of Darkroom Core and Pro

  • New and Improved Green Screen
  • Green Screen Masking Tool
  • Built in Print Driver in Pro and Core
  • Activation for Darkroom Core
  • Dynamic QR code generation
  • Live view for compatible Canon and Nikon Cameras




Quickly import and organize any number of images from any camera, any source.

  • Tether to the industry’s best cameras
  • Built-in Greenscreen engine
  • Hot folder monitoring
  • Integrated wireless camera support
  • Supports DSLR LiveView for Canon cameras
  • Quickly import and organize any number of images from any camera, any source




Enhance, organize and manage with one software solution.

  • Retouching and Correction tools
  • One-click integration with Photoshop
  • Easily add borders, text, graphics
  • Create your own Borders or buy ready made
  • Easily build multiple image composites
  • On the fly duotone and grayscale conversion
  • Use catalogs to organize images, customers, events



Your pictures come in; any product you can imagine comes out.

  • Direct connect to industry’s best printers
  • One-click package printing
  • Complex proof sheets made simple
  • Send images by e-mail, text or upload to facebook
  • Built-in lab connectivity
  • Publish online with Photoreflect.com
  • Easily create custom digital products
  • Hands free auto printing, great for events



From click to collect – increase your sales with a shoot to sell solution.

  • Two presentation modes for Studio or Event environments
  • Build packages, set prices, print receipts
  • Rate, compare, hide images
  • Use projector or 2nd monitor for customer view
  • Publish and Sell Online with built-in Photoreflect.com integration
  • Monitor your success with built-in accounting reports


Easy to Use

Powerful yet easy to use.

  • All the workflow tools you need in one program
  • Scales to any size event or studio
  • Short learning curve means you get employees up to speed quickly
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate interface
  • Say goodbye to Actions, scripts and plug-ins
  • Minutes in Darkroom = hours in Photoshop