DNP WCM Plus Wireless Connect Module

DNP WCM Plus Wireless Connect Module

Model: WCM Plus
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What are the differences between AirCastPro and DNP's WCM Plus?
AirCastPro prints 2x-3x faster than DNP's WCM Plus (see the video below). AirCastPro also has the following features that are not supported on DNP's WCM Plus:

  • Support for Citizen, HiTi, Mitsubishi, Primera and Sinfonia printers
  • Overcoat Watermark on compatible DNP or Citizen printers  Click for video
  • Color Controls (With AirCastPro you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and more. When printing an image captured on an iPad the image almost always prints darker than shown on screen due to the iPad being backlit  With AirCastPro you can adjust the printer output. No other device can do this.)
  • Printer Pooling (connect multiple printers together for faster output)
  • Multiple Templates/Borders Options

WCM Plus is a completely new version of the Wireless Connect Module.

Faster print speed
WCM Plus transfer time for a 4x6 is 12 seconds.

Print from Multiple Sources
Many devices can print to the WCM Plus simultaneously, making the WCM Plus a great tool for parties and events.

Compatible with the following DNP printers:
DS620A, DS820A, QW410, DS-RX1HS, DS40, and DS80.

Crop/Edit Capability
Edit functions include color correction, filters, fit/fill, and drawing tools!

Three USB Ports
Three USB ports enable simultaneous connection of three DNP printers, offering various print sizes and reduced media loading frequency.

Border Templates
Custom borders can be easily loaded, providing fun and unique frames or business branding to promote your business!